Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Introduction to slimming World


I am a young 24 year old (soon to be 25) girl who is extremely self-conscious about my weight and body shape. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and at my heaviest I weighed 11 stones and 8 lbs. I have tried many ways to lose weight including Weight Watchers and The Soup diet both of which I have found to be A LOT of effort and not very easy to follow.

It was back in 2011 that I decided to look in to Slimming World as I had heard so many good reviews and I had heard that it was easy to follow. I understood that losing weight was not going to be easy and so I was fully prepared to put in a lot of effort. After speaking with my older sister we decided to take the plunge and join a group. I have to admit that as much as I wanted to lose weight I was still extremely worried about joining a group to discuss my biggest hate but we decided that we would give it a try to see how we got on. I was so apprehensive when arriving to my first ever Slimming World meeting but I found it very relaxed and my initial consultant was very informative and very helpful straight from the start.

Slimming World is an easy diet plan to follow and I found this to be the best plan for me. I didn't find the plan to dissimilar to how I usually cook and with a few changes this has become a way of life. 

My sister and me attended the group every week and I saw steady losses which I was very happy with. Unfortunately, I had to quit group as I had finished University and had started a new job. My sister continued on with the group along with my mum and they both dropped at least 3 dress sizes and were thrilled with the results. Their journey has inspired me to give the plan a second try as I am now settled at work. 

I joined Slimming World for a second time in August 2012 with a couple of my best friends. I find it so much easier to follow the plan with friends/family as it helps to keep you motivated and on track. My joining weight for the second time was 11 stones and half a pound.

I hope that by keeping this diary I will be able to stay focused and motivated as well as helping to motivate and inspire others. I will include my personal thoughts, recipes and any thing else to help motivate my weight loss.

Francesca Rose

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